The Margot

The Margot

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80+ Hour Burn Time
All Natural Soy Wax
Fragrance Notes: Ember, Cactus Flower, Jade 
Comes with 3" Celebrity Sticker  


The Margot is Empowered. Getting this candle will make you feel like one lucky chap. This scent stands out in a crowd with its tropical notes and powerful femininity. She may seem sweet, but don't underestimate her because she can quickly turn into Daddy's Little Monster.


Scent Profile:

The fruity and tropical aroma transports you right to the sandy beaches of Australia. Hints of bright cactus flowers are grounded by notes of ember to create a floral aroma with a divine earthiness.  



Candle Care


The first time you light your candle, let it burn for 3 hours to allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the container to prevent your candle from tunneling. Never burn longer than 3 hours. Trim wick to ¼”  and remove wick debris before burning. Burn to ¼” of the bottom of container, then discard. 

Candle Safety:

Caution: Container may become hot. Place on a heat resistant surface away from anything flammable. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Extinguish all candles when you leave a room or before going to sleep or if the flame gets too close to the candle holder or container.


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