Welcome to DYST Candle. We’re happy to have you! In case you were wondering, DYST stands for Did You See That? A.k.a. Did You See That Candle? Thankfully, yes you actually did! The name is also used for our Entertainment Show, DYST. Surprise, this candle company was actually founded by two entertainment hosts whose love for actors and actresses was so overwhelming that it flooded over into a candle company.

About Our Founders

Hi there,

Thanks for checking out our page! Our names are Bailey Briggs and Danielle Hawthorne and we are the founders of Did You See That Candle.

When the pandemic hit and our industry completely shut down overnight we, as entertainment hosts, were left with a whole lot of unknown. Will we ever get back to doing what we love? Will our beloved movie theaters open back up? When will we get to share our love for entertainment with audiences from the red carpet again?

One day, as we were thinking about what we would do next as the future remained unclear, we decided to pour our love for entertainment into a gift we could share with others. A gift that (would hopefully) put a smile on their faces like it does ours.

What started out as a simple idea to take what we love and make it into something tangible that we could enjoy from the comfort of our homes, turned into a year long process of learning, developing and producing our first ever line of show stopping scents that we are beyond excited to share with you. We've poured our heart into these candles and we truly hope that you have as much fun with them as we've had creating them.

Our hope is that you light one of our candles up, pop some popcorn, throw on your favorite movie and imagine a movie star is sitting right next to you! Thank you so much for supporting our dream. If you love entertainment as much as we do and want a little peak into our world, come say hi at @dystentertainment!